Kids Who Know Educator Portal provides FREE multimedia content for educators focusing on hazard safety, social skills and emotional intelligence.

Kids Who Know Educator Portal

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Existing Educators

What's Included

  • A 100% Free Resource for Educators

    For ages 4-7 years
  • 20 Modules

    Focusing on hazard safety, social skills and emotional intelligence.
  • Streamed Multimedia content

    Ready to roll animated storyboards with embedded videos and quizzes are included for each module.
  • Complete lesson plans

    These are provided for each module and detail the objectives, content and sequencing of the streamed multimedia(presentations, embedded videos, quizzes, etc).
  • Printable resources

    Over 300 (and growing) extension exercise, shape recognition, numeracy and literacy A4 printable resources are available for download.

Authorised Educators

Who are authorised educators?

Authorised educators are natural persons who teach, mind and mentor children in classrooms or other learning environments and who are suitably accredited and certified to do so.

They can be full time or part time employees or volunteers, or they can be self employed and running their own businesses in the early childhood sector. For example: Teachers, teacher aides, minders and volunteers in schools, kindergardens, playgrounds, day and after school care, holiday care and home-schooling.

Kids Who Know Network

The Kids Who Know network provides children, parents/carers, teachers, schools and communities with easy to use, engaging and interactive educational tools for raising awareness in children about everyday hazards and preventable accidents as well as social skills and emotional intelligence.